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Additional Resources

Parents, if you find your child needs more Mandarin practice,  the following is a list of additional resources from the West County Mandarin Program that we here at Chinese Immersion School find helpful.   If you find other resources of interest, check the reviews on Amazon and/or post a message in the Chinese Immersion Parent Page on Facebook to get input from other parents who may have used the resource.


  • Chinese Flash Cards: 186 Essential Chinese Characters for Beginners Available on Amazon
  • Tuttle Chinese for Kids’ Flash Cards kit, Vol. 1, Simplified Edition (also includes an audio CD, poster, and learning guide)  Available on Amazon
  • Tuttle More Chinese for Kids’ Chinese Flash Cards, Simplified Edition (includes a poster an audio CD, which is the same as the CD included in Vol. 1) Available on Amazon
  • Let’s Learn Mandarin Chinese Kit (flash cards, audio CD and wall chart)  Available on Amazon



  • Little Chinese Readers (online books) – Follow Little Chinese Readers on Facebook; they are currently offering a free 1-year membership
  • My First Chinese Words (36 books and a CD) – check Amazon and ebay for best price
  • Check the public library, Amazon,, ebay and China Sprouts for more books and book sets; make sure any books purchased are written in simplified characters, not traditional



  • Chinese for Children Vol. 1 – (** Excellent for teaching vocabulary and basic conversationAvailable on Amazon or used copies on ebay
  • Follow Jade Learn Chinese: Let’s Go to Market in China! (2005) – (for beginners) New and used copies Available on Amazon and ebay
  • Follow Jade! Learn Chinese: Let’s Visit Chinese Kindergarten! (2005) – (for beginners) New and used copies Available on Amazon and ebay
  • Play and Learn Chinese with Mei Mei, Vols. 1- 8 (for beginners; Vols. 1, 2 and 4 are best) – New and used copies Available on Amazon and ebay


MOVIES / TELEVISION  (in Mandarin for listening & comprehension practice)

(Note: There are many movies in Mandarin on Amazon and ebay.  Make sure any others you purchase will play on a Region 1 DVD player or you have a multi-region player.)


  • Baby’s First Words in Chinese (bedtime music for all ages) – Available for purchase or download on Amazon and on ebay
  • Search youtube for playlist of Mandarin Pop
  • Learn Chinese While You Sleep: Greetings Edition with Rain Background (for bedtime) – Free on Amazon Prime





  • Magnetic Poetry – Kids’ Chinese Kit (Refrigerator character tile magnets) – Available on Amazon